About Us

“A ‘simple’ architecture is one of the most important elements in cleansing, rejuvenating and simplifying contemporary living; Simple being environmentally responsible, easy to maintain, adaptive to changes and cost effective.”

“Architecture is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of masses brought together in light” – Le Corbusier

“We require from buildings two kinds of goodness: first, the doing their practical duty well: then that they be graceful and pleasing in doing it: – John Ruskin

We are also closely associated with a team of detail-oriented and passionate consultants in survey, structural engineering, civil engineering and mechanical/electrical/plumbing engineering with whom we collaborate closely to achieve common design goals of our clients.


To provide the best possible quality service for our clients, regardless of project complexity and scale. We take pride in the accuracy of our drawings, openness to all kinds of design ideas and options, and highly detailed construction documents. We seek every opportunity to add uniqueness and sustainability to each project within budget and stylistic limitations.

We enjoy every moment to learn as much from you and your experiences, as you learn from us.

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